Case Study: Amer, 16 years old

Around 1 a.m. on May 9, 2017, Amer S., 16, was arrested from his home in the occupied West Bank village of Jayyous, located near Qalqilya. Israeli soldiers did not allow his family members to approach him or tell him goodbye as he was being detained.

Israeli soldiers bound Amer’s hands behind his back, blindfolded him and forced him to sit on the metal floor of the military jeep as he was transferred to the Israeli settlement of Tzufin and then to a police station located in the Israeli settlement of Ariel.

At Ariel police station, Amer was interrogated for about two hours. He did not have a parent or lawyer present during interrogation, but he was allowed to speak with a lawyer by phone prior to the interrogation. Amer told DCIP that he didn’t understand what the lawyer told him over the phone and did not benefit from the brief phone consultation.

The interrogator accused Amer of throwing stones and burning a tire. Throughout the two-hour questioning, the interrogator yelled at Amer and pounded on the table.

“I did not confess at first, but he kept shouting and saying I threw stones, so I gave up and confessed to throwing stones, even though I did not,” Amer told Defense for Children International – Palestine.

Amer was then transferred to Megiddo prison. He stayed behind bars during his trials as bail is rarely granted by military courts.

Amer was sentenced with six months and one day in prison and a fine of NIS 3000 ($837). He was released in November 2017.

Defense for Children International - Palestine (DCIP) is a local, independent Palestinian human rights organization committed to securing a just and viable future for Palestinian children in the Occupied Palestinian Territory.